Gábor Miklós

Gabor MIKLOS is a professor assistant at Institute of World Economy. His research fields and interests are: Economic, political and social processes of Central-Europe (especially: Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovakia, Poland).
He formerly graduated from the Corvinus University of Budapest as an economist with an MSc in International Relations in 2008. Gábor started to teach at the University in 2010. He has been teaching these courses in English: Political Economy of EU’s decision-making, EU actual policy, Economics of Global and Regional Integrations, The Globalization of World Politics, Introduction to the European Union, European Economic Governance and Policy. He analysed the macroeconomic processes in the case of these countries. He has been giving lectures in Hungarian and English.
His most important publication was in 2014 in the Journal of Economics titled: The integration profile of Hungary.