Sejla Almadi

Sejla ALMADI is the assistant professor of the Institute of World Economy, her current research fields and interests are: Political, economic and social processes of France, Pygmalion effect in Organisational Behaviour, and Research Methods.
She finished her doctoral studies (PhD) at the Ecole Doctorale d'Entreprise, Économie et Société, Université de Bordeaux. Formerly she graduated as an economist from International Economics and Business (MA) at Corvinus University of Budapest and as an international relations expert from International Studies (BA) at Széchenyi István University, both with excellent grades.  She additionally studied Monte Carlo Methods at Télécom Paris Tech, project risk management, mathematics and marketing at Corvinus University of Budapest, and business and management at Széchenyi István University.
Academic experiences engaged her in reviewing and proof-reading for the Academy of Management, Corvinus University of Budapest, Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade and for the Université de Bordeaux, or in lecturing at KEDGE BS.
Professional experiences engaged her in marketing management for Croatia, Hungary & Slovenia at the Parts and Service of CNHindustrial, in HR and budget analysis for TMR Directorate and further in quality management for Projects Directorate at the European Investment Bank and Fund, in risk management for Risk Management Service at the European Parliament. Currently, she is also the Research Fellow of the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade.
Miss Almadi is the editor of IWE Writing Centre.

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International Economics
Business Strategies in CEE
Prospectus Seminar I (ISS)
Dissertation Seminar II.
Preparation for International Economic and Business
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