Viktória Endrődi-Kovács

Viktoria ENDRODI-KOVACS is an assistant professor of the Institute of World Economy since March 2015. Her research fields and interests are: the economic integration maturity of Western Balkan countries and foreign direct investments of transnational corporations, internationalization of small and medium-sized companies.
She graduated from Corvinus University of Budapest in 2009 as an economist, defended her PhD thesis in 2014.
She participated in several research projects on Korean trade and investments, the future of the EU internal market, relation between FDI and competitiveness, Balkan studies, internationalization of SMEs and higher educational institutions. During these researches, she worked for e.g. International Visegrad Fund, Educatio Nonprofit Ltd., Széchenyi István University.
She is author or co-author of several academic papers written in Hungarian or in English. Since the beginning of 2016, she participates as a national expert in preparing the Small Business Act Fact Report of Hungary for the European Commission.

Integration maturity of the CEE countries
Corvinus University of Budapest - EFOP-3.6.3-VEKOP-16-2017-00007  project: Young researcher from talented students
Research leader
Analysis of France as a competitor The behaviour and decision-making of Multinational Entreprises
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Public Administration and Public Service Development Operational Program (KÖFOP) 2014-2020 2.A.2.1.1.
Determinants of household savings in V4 + 3 countries
MKB Bank
Europeanisation in the Balkans - Economic integration maturity of the Western Balkans
National University of Public Service - KÖFOP-2.1.2-VEKOP-15-2016-00001, "Development of Public Service for Good Governance"
List of publications: MTMT (Library of Hungarian Scientific Works)