Thesis Review

If you have submitted your thesis, you must be very excited and looking forward to the reviews. How do we review your thesis? The main criteria for the evaluation are highlighted below.

Criteria for the evaluation

The relevance and actuality of the chosen topic:
The topic is important, relevant, and actual.

The elaboration of the topic:
The topic is fairly new, that is, it hadn’t been worked on yet.

The usage of the national and international literature related to the topic of the thesis:
The author of the thesis is fine at utilizing, evaluating, and analyzing the most important literature, national and international alike, connecting it to his/her own thoughts.

The scientific and professional level of the thesis:
The thesis is flawless and accurate scientifically.

The originality and new results of the thesis:
The thesis reflects a serious professional preparation. It is of high quality, whose aims presented in the title are realized, following a correct methodology and arriving at a genuine and independent solution and adequate conclusions.

All of the references of the thesis are flawless and correct.

The structure of the thesis:
The structure of the thesis is clear and transparent, containing all the elements required, with an excellent title.

The linguistic and stylistic quality of the thesis:
The language and style of the thesis are appropriate, the professional terms are well used and written, the figures and tables are nice and clearly interpretable.

The outlook of the thesis:
The typography of the thesis is nice, it is finely edited, with few mistakes and a clear language.

We also propose questions to ask by the Exam Committee, and provide a verbatim assessment of the thesis.

 Editor, A.S. 2018

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