Thesis Defense: Learning Curve

Either you have written a better- or a worse-evaluated thesis, you have to defend it. The game is not over yet, so let’s prepare yourself to the best of your abilities!

The first and most important thing to do is learning from the evaluations.

The thesis reflects the knowledge you gained during your master years, it is even based on the bachelor times. Hence, it accounts for a min. 5 years of education. Moreover, it reflects the diligence and attitude you showed toward the chosen research topic.

Hence, the reviews on your thesis are very important milestones in your learning curve.

You have to read carefully the evaluations of your thesis. Create a document in which you organise the critics into bulletpoints, then to each critics, add your response below. If something is lacking, note for yourself, what should have been done. If something is not correct, note for yourself, what should have been done differently or better. If something is not obvious to your knowledge, search for it, to be sure that you understand the scientific requirements of a thesis properly. Don’t forget, these critics are expected to be replied at the defense!

It is never too late to improve your paper, to correct it and make adjustments. Especially if you intend to continue a researcher path, to publish or to apply to our PhD programme! If you decide to do it so, do not hesitate to send it to your reviewers to ask kindly for their further recommendations.

Editor, A.S. 2018

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