Thesis Defense: Presentation

Either you have written a better- or a worse-evaluated thesis, you have to defend it. The game is not over yet, so let’s prepare yourself to the best of your abilities!The second step is to prepare a presentation based on what you have learnt from the evaluations. In case the Institute, where your defense takes place, cannot provide technical assistance for screening, you should still structure a proper presentation and print it for the jury members. It will be much appreciated and reflect your dedication to the defense.

The presentation should include the following elements:

  • Research objective;
  • Literature panorama on the applied sources;
  • Hypotheses or research questions;
  • Research design and methods;
  • One analysis method per slide e.g. Descriptive statistics; Content analysis; etc.;
  • Results (rejection or acceptance of hypotheses / response to the research questions);
  • Conclusion (direct and wider conclusions, implications or contributions, research limitations, future research directions).

The presentation should be clear, feasible, easy to understand, better to use keywords. It should be formatted as simple as possible, better to use charts and images with brief explanation instead of long texts.

Editor, A.S. 2018

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