About Us


Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB) is a leading higher educational institution in the field of economy and business in Hungary and in Central and Eastern Europe. According to the European Business School Ranking of the Financial Times, it is the second best business school in this region.


Our Institute is an active community of scholars, with a great experience in cross-disciplinary collaboration and teaching in many eras of studies, such as development economics, transnational corporations, regional integrations, international organizations and international finance. The Institute’s intellectual environment derives from its research collaborations across Europe and from teaching excellence. Our lecturers have been engaged in research collaborations with EU institutions (European Commission), with the World Bank, with Australian and US universities.


The MSc programme of the Institute is the ‘International Economy and Business’ being provided both in Hungarian and in English, which attracts talented students from all over the world. The curriculum balances the theory and practice through lectures and seminars, in-class and on field trips.


Lectures develop the background knowledge about business and economies and strengthen the abilities of writing, presenting, debating, and participating in team work.


On seminars, students have to compile essays, make videos, conduct seminar projects, and present these result before the others. In addition, the Institute’s inter-university agreements (Scribe21, Imess) are open for MSc students as well, which makes them possible to study some classes in other countries.


The PhD programme in ‘International Relations’ provides life-long mentorship beside its high-quality research track. PhD Candidates can attend special seminars of visiting professors, writing academic essays into the Institute’s periodical or publish them on our online Writing Centre. The Institute’s international research projects (Horizon2020) are open for PhD students as well.


We, the IWE staff welcome with warm heart everyone who shares the same values and mindset.