About us

Welcome to the Institute of World Economy!
If this is your first meeting with our institute, don’t miss to read its mission and ars poetica below. And if it is your second, well, you know exactly what we are talking about.
The Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB) is the leading higher educational institution in the area of economy and business in Hungary, while it is also acknowledged worldwide.
The Institute of World Economy (IWE) as one of the eldest departments at CUB, was founded in 1948. Its teaching and research profile includes the micro- and macro-economic aspects of the development of world economy, international organisations and transnational corporations, regional integration, finance and trade. The top MSc programme of the institute, the ‘International Economy and Business’ is held in both Hungarian and English. The mandatory entrance tests, written and oral, allow only the most prepared students to enroll, whom we welcome from all around the world. Not surprisingly, the programme has gained recognition and respect among native and foreign students as well. Their presence, experience and opinion is of high value for us. That is how our courses balance the theory and practice through lectures and seminars, in-class and on field trips, in which students take an active part. And although our institute is not a business school, we offer an insight into the dimensions of business as well. That wide spectrum of subjects is ensured by our colleagues whose research field range among the different regions of the world, and among the subdisciplines of international economy and business. Furthermore, the IWE staff is not only of academicians but practitioners, whose educational, research and professional network has been built along domestic and foreign partnerships. These partnerships are available for the benefit of our students, not only at masters but doctoral studies level. The PhD programme in ‘International Relations’ provides life-long mentorship beside its high-quality research track.
The Institute of World Economy has a long history behind us and a beautiful future ahead to which we proudly hope to contribute. We, the IWE staff welcome with warm heart everyone who shares the same values and mindset.
We look forward to meeting you!

 Greetings from Istvan BENCES, IWE Director
The world we live faces with a growing socio-economic uncertainty. Thanks to the complexity of the technological development, we have to adopt to rapidly and permanently changing working and living conditions. The Institute of World Economy has been developing economists, thinkers and leaders who have the ability to catch up with the world, or moreover, to be change-makers.
Characterised by a great emphasis on real-world problems, our programmes aim to make an impact on people’s basic skills, grounded on their personal motivations.
Currently the Institute of World Economy runs the International Economy and Business MSc program both in English and Hungarian. With an ambition for recognition of the Corvinus name on the international stage, we are keen on welcoming students out of Europe as well, and leading them through our curriculum.
Our principle is to consult the students with their motivations and personal expectations, and to instruct them towards such directions which will mean a long-term experience for them. We would like to convince our students: economics is much more than many think.