Mapping the interests of the V4 countries towards Brexit and post-Brexit Europe, and identify similarities in the views of the four countries where they can work together.
The research project, funded by the International Visegrad Fund, focuses on investigating the interests of the V4 countries (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) in shaping the future of EU-UK relations. It analyses the economic, political and perceptional factors driving these interests, and aims to provide academically sound evidence for V4 governments in conducting the exit negotiations, as well as formulating relations with the UK post-Brexit.
The project is led by the Aston Centre for Europe, and includes the following partners:
The project will start in May 2017, and will run for a year. Discussion events on the project’s results will be held in Bratislava, Budapest, Prague and Warsaw in Spring 2018.
Read the full report here.
For more information about the project, contact:
Dr Balazs Szent-Ivanyi