HERMES is a strategic alliance of 26 leading education institutions in 15 countries. Its ambition is to offer dual degree programs in Management on all academic levels.
The HERMES network was founded in November 1997 as an initiative of the Ecole de Management Strasbourg (former IECS) of the Robert Schuman University in Strasbourg. Three years later, on March 31st, 2000, the HERMES Charter was voted on by the General Assembly in a ceremony at the European Parliament.
The participating universities work closely together in defining their study programs, exchanging professors and organizing joint research projects. Each year, this network holds an Annual Conference at one of the partner universities, where common programs are defined and achievements are reported.
More information please find on the webpage of Hermes network.
Meeting of Hermes network in Budapest


On 8th June 2018, the HERMES Network held its 20th annual meeting in Budapest, organized by the Corvinus University of Budapest.
The HERMES Network aims to bolster international mobility and Double Degrees among member institutions. At the Budapest meeting, a new chairman had to be elected for the academic year 2018-20: Claudia Tarantola from the University of Pavia was unanimously voted in. The annual meeting continued with the presentation of two new candidates for the HERMES network: The University of Western Australia and the University of Innsbruck. Both Universities were voted in unanimously.
In addition, new forms of cooperation were also presented: Dean Prastakos presented the Stevens Institute of Technology and possible forms of cooperation (DD) in the field of “Business Intelligence;” Jeremie Kreitz from FTI Paris then outlined a job profile for Business Intelligence, which could lead to a joint degree; Ludwig Kreitz, Secretary General, briefly introduced an additional form of cooperation: the “Global Network for Advanced Management.” This consortium, created by the “Yale School of Management,” has some resemblance with HERMES, offering seminars (“Global Network Weeks”) which could easily be adapted to the HERMES network model; Hans Tuemmers proposed the project of the “Global Executive MBA” – a project where partners could easily cooperate by offering short-term courses in their respective universities and Istvan Kollai from Corvinus University explained the auto guide “Peripatos,” an educational audio guide for smartphones which makes outdoor seminars possible. Lastly, Anna Dylag and Piotr Jydanek, the colleagues from the Jagiellonian University, discussed the results of the questionnaire concerning Double Degrees.
The next annual meeting will be held at the University of Innsbruck.
The pictures of the Budapest annual meeting can be found on the Facebook page of the Institute of World Economy.