Istvan Magas

Istvan MAGAS is a Full Professor at Institute of World Economy. His research fields and interests are modern international trade and finance.

He is a doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (DsC). He has taught at many renown universities, American (UCONN, Texas Tech, CEU,) and British (Oxford Brookes) as a tenure-track or visiting professor for more than two decades.  

He has built up a strong business background while serving for many years as managing director of large Canadian corporate lenders.

In his younger years, he became an All-Time Hungarian Champion of Hungarian water polo, European Champion 1977, silver medalist of the 20th Olympic games, Munich, Amateur tennis player, certified tennis instructor of the US National Tennis Academy




Personal data sheet on ODT (Hungarian Doctoral Council)

List of publications: MTMT (Library of Hungarian Scientific Works)