Are you looking for the best partner organisation in IMESS?
Would you like to have a first-hand studying and working experience in the heart of Europe?
Would you like to attend the top master programme in Hungary?
If you choose our Institute of World Economy for the second year of IMESS programme, you will arrive at an inspiring multicultural environment. You can gain here a first-hand studying and working experience through our institutional mentorships, and also through the internships, we help you to access. Check out the details below, pick a track, and apply now!

Double degree Masters programme: IMESS

The International Masters in Economy, State and Society (IMESS) is a leading two-year double degree Master’s programme in comparative area studies, which focuses on developing in-depth knowledge and understanding of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Baltics, Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia.
IMESS incorporates advanced training in methodology and research with specialized study tracks:
  • Economics and Business
  • Politics and Security
  • Politics and International Economy
  • History and Society (available at other partner universities)
Each track combines specialist electives (economics, politics, society or history), research methods training (social sciences or humanities), and language tuition with an advanced research dissertation conducted during the latter part of the degree. The central objective of the programme is to enhance global understanding and awareness of the wider European region. As well as developing cultural and linguistic knowledge of both Eastern and Western Europe, participants acquire the skills to identify and critically analyse key factors shaping the economies, states and societies of the expanding European region.
The IMESS programme is a two-year integrated Masters programme in which all students spend year one at UCL in London, where they develop expertise in the methodologies (econometrics), theories and applications of Economics and Business and have the opportunity to learn or improve a language. In the second year, the students will move on to the Corvinus University of Budapest (or other partner universities) where they will have the opportunity to choose from the following 3 tracks: Economics and Business, Politics and the International Economy, Politics and Security.
Successful graduates will be given a double degree (University College London + Corvinus University of Budapest) and a diploma supplement issued by the IMESS consortium. Please find all the necessary information about the programme on IMESS website.
Programme Duration: two years (four semesters)
Study Mode: full time
If you wish to participate in this programme, e-mail us with your questions:
Academic coordinator at the Corvinus University of Budapest: András Tétényi (andras.tetenyi(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu) – Institute of World Economy
Administrative coordinator at the Corvinus University of Budapest : Nikolett Menyhárt (nikolett.menyhart(at)uni-corvinus(dot)hu)
–          University College London, UK
–          Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary
–          Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
–          Helsinki University, Finland
–          Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia
–          Higher School of Economics, Saint Petersburg, Russia
–          Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland
–          University of Belgrade, Serbia
–          University of Tartu, Estonia