Ongoing Projects

The special ongoing projects of the members of the Institute of World Economy are the followings:

Almadi, S., Benczes, I., Endrődi-Kovács, V., Kutasi, G., Miklós, G., Nagy, S., Szabó, K., Szentiványi, B., & Vigvári, G.: 
– Book(s) on country studies and international economy
Benczes, I., Ricz, J., & Vigvári, G.:
– Otka project – from the developing states to protectionism, the realization of national strategies
Kollai, I.:
– Research on CEE region
Magas, I.:
– MNB book review
Szent-Iványi, B., & Tétényi, A.:
Brexit research
Brexit, Post-Brexit Europe and the V4
Potential Impacts, Interests, and Perceptions
The purpose of this report is to map the interests of the Visegrad 4 countries (V4; the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) towards Brexit and post-Brexit Europe, and identify similarities in the views of the four countries where they can work together. Specifically, the report examines V4 interests towards three aspects of Brexit and post-Brexit Europe: interests towards the EU-UK deal itself; interests related to Brexit-induced changes in the UK; and interests on EU level changes caused by Brexit. All three aspects are analysed with a focus on economic, security and institutional issues.








Tétényi, A.:
Horizon 2020 – FATIGUE
– ÚNKP – asylum-seekers’ decision-making process on destination countries
Szabó, K.:
– ÚNKP – developing support and security
– Encyclopedia article on security policy
Szabó, K., & Szentiványi, B.:
– MNB research award for book chapter on CEE region