Mihály Simai

Mihaly SIMAI is a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Budapest. He is a Professor Emeritus of Corvinus University and a Research Professor Emeritus in the Institute for World Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
An Honorary Doctor of the National Public Service University, Honorary President of the World Federation of United Nations Associations /New York/,  the  President of the Hungarian United Nations Association and the Alumni Organization of Corvinus University.
He served in the U.N.Economic Commission for Europe (research), in the U.N. Centre for Development Planning, Projection and Policies (1964-68) (research and fieldwork). He was the President of the governing body of the United Nations University (Tokio)  and served in the UN University as Director General of the World Institute of Development Economics of the United Nations University, Helsinki. He also directed global research programs in U.N. on international economic policies and global governance issues. In addition to his employment as a staff member of the U.N., Prof.Simai served as a member and officer of different U.N. expert groups and governing bodies. He was teaching in different universities in the US, in Japan, Syria and Kuwait.