International Economy and Business MSc

Are you interested in how international organizations function?
Are you interested in how transnational companies do business?
Are you keen on studying in a multicultural environment?
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It provides you with the opportunity to learn from and work with professors who have gained an internationally recognized expertise in their fields. The IEB Program offers an international atmosphere in which you have the possibility to interact with other students and instructors with different cultural backgrounds.
The IEB Program aims to train graduates with a thorough understanding of the processes of the world economy, ranging from the fields of international business and economics to international politics and law.
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Our courses address the main aspects of the global economy based on sound methodological foundations in statistics, micro- and macroeconomics: among others, trade, finance, factoring and information flows, multinational corporations, corporate strategies, international organizations, development, regionalism and integration or intellectual property.
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The MSc in International Economy and Business is designed for those
    • who are interested in analyzing and understanding the international environment and the functioning of corporations,
    • as well as for those who are sensitive to the complexities of world economy;
    • who feel motivated to work in a multi-ethnical and cultural environment while completing their Master’s degree.
The MSc in International Economy and Business is worth choosing because
    • the program offers a modern and international education at a very competitive price in the Central and Eastern European region;
    • it offers a unique opportunity for students to master the most important competencies regarding economics and business studies, combined with other scientific fields such as international relations, political science or law, in an interdisciplinary manner;
    • it provides students the opportunity to learn from and work with professors who have an internationally recognized expertise in their fields;
    • students have the option to choose from a remarkably wide range of elective courses in the four semesters of the program;
    • a vast majority of graduates find employment in the business, governmental or non-profit sectors of the national and international economy;
    • the program offers an international atmosphere in which students have the possibility to interact with students and instructors of different cultural backgrounds. The Master’s program is designed so that students of a variety of nations (for instance, Hungarians, Cameroonians, Chinese, Ethiopians, Germans, Iranians, Koreans, Nigerians, Syrians, Americans, as well as Ukrainians) work together.
Graduates of the MSc in International Economy and Business are qualified to
    • Recognize, understand and influence the complexities within and in between the corporate, regional, national or international spheres;
    • Apply the economic, financial, marketing and management theories on an international level and, thereby, respond to the multifaceted challenges and problems of the world economy;
    • Develop effective international business strategies or economic policies;
    • Control the many different layers an occupation requires, form a sound and professionally valid opinion, as well as make firm decisions on matters related to economics and business;
    • Analyze the economic, geopolitical, social, cultural and institutional dimensions of the international business world and the international system;
    • Understand and represent the national, European and global values in the world of corporate, regional, national and international organizations.
The employment of graduates
Graduates of the IEB program have successfully applied to positions in both the private and public sectors. Possessing well-founded economic, methodological and social knowledge, they are trained to participate creatively in business, economic, and social matters. The demand of the labour market for economists of the program is expected from organizations that consider international activities and economic strategies as priorities such as institutions of public administration, non-governmental organizations, or transnational corporations.
Students can start PhD studies in our International Relations Multidisciplinary Doctoral School.
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